Jonny Green News Flash Podcast

Things are going great with My Six Gun Heart, we are playing all over the area, often several times a week. I've been working more with The Jonny Green Machine, my new solo/band project here in Kansas City. You can also still catch me doing the occasional solo gig here and there around town. The attached song is a Bluesy number comprised of a few of my favorite bluesy riffs. Best Wishes -JG
  1. hey baby where have you been

gig alert 


Things are busy with both M6GH and Jonny Green lately. The Jonny Green Machine, the full electric version of Jonny with Jake Stanton (of Junkyard Genius and M6GH) on drums, has been formed and has played its first show. More to come. Had a blast playing for a KKFI band auction gig, and am gearing up tp play Lewellyns Pub on 151st near Metcalf. M6GH had a great night at the Sunset Grill last friday and we look forward to playing the Smoking Guns on the 31st. Smokin' Guns BBQ & Catering
1218 Swift, North Kansas City, Missouri 64116; its always a blast. Have a great weekend, come check us out soon!


many a gig coming your way 

Its been an intense week of music for the staff here at jonnygreenmusic (myself). Ive been practicing every night with Brian Maloney for the TANK ROOM show that we just completed, and it was great fun getting to play guitar for a great friend. The Jonny Green Machine, which is my full solo electric band is starting to gain some traction and you should be seeing shows for that project every six weeks or so. This weekend MY SIX GUN HEART will be playing the TANK ROOM on friday, and SMOKING GUNS BBQ on Saturday. These are two of our favorite venues, it would be great to see you there. Thanks JG

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